CEO Message

Welcome to our online platform.

Injazzat succeeded in maintaining a leading position amongst real estate companies in Kuwait by delivering an exceptional financial performance and committing to the quality of its assets but also to its strategy which is based on empowering and developing its existing real estate assets despite the many challenges the region has been facing for the last few years. Our resilience against these challenges is a testimonial for the existence of all success factors that guaranteed our sound expansion and development since our inception and until today.So we consider our financial and investment team to be one of the main factors of our success in addition to the great role our shareholders played by believing in Injazzat’s management and investment strategy. Our values and ethics have always been the main determinant of any action we take which also  resulted in gaining trust from all Injazzat’s stakeholders whether shareholders, financial institutions as well as suppliers, and our human capital. We at Injazzat, strongly believe that human and financial capitals complement each other and thus create a harmonious and enabling environment to promote and drive success between the different stakeholders.

We strive to maintain our commitment to laws and regulations issued by the capital market authority including corporate governance requirements which enforces the existence of a balanced board of directors that includes executive and non-executive independent members. We also strive to continue giving back to our society and supporting corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Last but not least, , I would like to thank you again for your interest in Injazzat and I invite you to continue surfing our website to learn more about our services and solutions we provide for potential investors who are looking for investment opportunities in the international markets to help them diversify their risk and investment portfolios.

We promise to continue working on realizing our vision for the future by continuously looking for create and unique investment solutions while preserving our

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