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Injazzat Has Successfully Exited From Its Sh...

Injazzat Real Estate Development Company K.S.C.P, has successfully exited on 28 September 2017 from its share in a real estate project in the United Kingdom (Britain). The value of the contract was 5,282,452 British Pounds equivalents to 2,138,067 Kuwaiti Dinars, and this resulted in achieving a profit equivalent to 449,047 Kuwaiti Dinars which will be reflected in the results of the third quarter of the year 2017.

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Injazzat achieves a net profit of 2.86 mill...

Injazzat Real Estate Development Company, announced its first half on 25th July 2017, and achieved a net profit of 2.86 million Kuwaiti dinars (about 9.45 million dollars) for the first half of 2017, which is 8.49 fils per share, up 34 % compared to the same period last year.

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Injazzat Announcement for the 1st Quarter 20...

The company announced its 1st quarter ended in 31st March 2017 the financial results on 18th April 2017, and its net profit reached 2,350,473 Kuwaiti Dinars, which is 7 Fils per share.

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Injazzat holds its General Assembly for the ...

Injazzat Real Estate Development Company K.S.C.P held its ordinary General Assembly on April 3rd 2017. The Company achieved a net profit of KD 3.16 million with earnings per share of 9.4 Fils. The Assembly approved the auditor’s report and the financial statement for the fiscal year. They also approved the recommendations of the board to distribute a cash dividend of 5% (5 Fils per share) distribution to the registered shareholder.

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