Corporate Governance

Injazzat Real Estate Development Co. (K.S.C.P) (“INJAZZAT”) is committed to apply the corporate governance principles and rules enforceable in the State of Kuwait. The board of directors and the executive management of INJAZZAT believe that the governance principles should necessarily be applied in the optimal and the most comprehensive manner to the extent required from INJAZZAT as a company listed in the Kuwait Stock Exchange market. Hence, the company bears in mind that it should enhance its performance and keep fortifying its criteria of maintaining protection of the interests and rights of the shareholders as per the applicable laws and regulations. INJAZZAT devotes high importance to follow up and permanently abide by the instructions of the supervisory authorities in this regard especially the Capital Markets Authority of Kuwait (“CMA”). Relying on the standards and principles stipulated on them by the relevant decision number 25 issued on 27/06/2013 by the CMA. The company started preparations for a corporate governance plan to be adopted and then implemented until achieving full compliance with the corporate governance principles as soon as possible on or before the deadline given by CMA. 
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