Board of Director Commitee

The Board of Directors of INJAZZAT is composed of seven members with varied backgrounds and experiences as mentioned below:

No.    Name    Board Membership Description
1    Mr. Mohamed Al Marzook    Vice Chairman
2    Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Alfarhan    Director – Chief Executive Officer
3    Mr. Ayman Abdullateef Alshaya    Director
4    Mr. Iesa Khalaf    Director - Independent Director
5    Mr. Wafa Haidar Alshehabi    Director
6   Mr. Hamad Alsagar    Director

Board Committees
 In accordance with the Corporate Governance principals ,The board  of directors is supported by three committees, the mandate and responsibility of each committee are defined and delegated by the board .These include the following:

Audit and Risk Management Committee
The Audit and risk management committee is responsible for the review of the financial statements and ensure the integrity and transparency of financial data and reports. It is also responsible for the evaluation of the adequacy and efficiency of internal control system within the Company and review the strategies and policies of the Company’s risk profile and risk controls. 
Furthermore, the committee is responsible for the monitoring of the performance of External Auditors and coordinating with them on subjects related to audit and financial statements.

Mr. Iesa Khalaf     Chair of the committee
Mr. Wafa Haidar lshehabi     Member
Mr. Hamad Alsagar    Member

Nomination and remuneration committee 
Nomination and remuneration committee is responsible for the nomination and re-nomination for Board and Executive Management members.
It is also responsible for setting apparent policy for Board and Executive Management members’ remunerations and setting the required skill set needs for Board Membership and their annual review.  The committee submits to the annual general meeting a report for the remunerations that are given to Board and Executive Management members as per the CMA regulations.

Mr. Ayman Abdullateef Alshaya    Member
Mr. Iesa Khalaf    Member

Executive committee
The Executive committee is responsible for approving the company new investments and discussing the strategy of the existing investments, business plan and budget of the company before submission to the Board. It is also responsible for reviewing the company’s performance and the performance of all sectors of the company in detail, and discuss deviations from the work plan and budget.

Mr. Mohamed Al Marzook    Member
Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim  Alfarhan    Member