Stakeholders Rights

The Company ensures the protection of stakeholders’ rights by Dealing with all stakeholders fairly and allowing stakeholders to access data and information relating to the tasks assigned to them.
The Shareholders
The main objective of the Company is to maximize the returns to shareholders as a result of their investment in the Company .The Company is committed to ensure that all shareholders exercise their rights fairly and that their rights are not violated or abused.
The Company ensures the above-mentioned principles are achieved by including, in its Articles of Association and internal bylaws, the required procedures that ensure all shareholders exercise their rights in an equal and fair manner, without violating the laws, regulations, decisions and instructions issued in this regard
Regulatory Authorities 
The Company complies with the laws, regulations and instructions issued by the CMA, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and any other relevant regulatory authority. 
The Company is keen on hiring national labor and developing the skills of all employees within the Company. The Company focuses on providing career development opportunities and necessary training programs and orientation for hiring and training the best employees in the country. 

Social Responsibility
The extent of the Company's commitment to social responsibility is evident through various cultural, social, community and charity activities supported by the Company. 
The Company adopts internal policies governing specific tenders for processes and contracts with suppliers. The Company deals with all contractors and suppliers in a transparent manner and without any discrimination.
Third Parties
The Company deals with all third parties in a fair and honest manner by protecting their interests, ensuring that they receive fair returns and avoiding any situations, which might result in breach of its obligations to any third party.