Values and Policies

Code of Conduct & Ethics
The Board of directors has developed standards and determinants that establish the company ethical concepts and standards, while, the executive management is assigned to apply the company goals in accordance with such standards and determinants. INJAZZAT Code of Ethics outlines the ethical standards expected of various stakeholders in the conduct of its business. This covers the Board, employees and other stakeholders. 
Related parties transactions
INJAZZAT Related Parties Transactions Policy outlines the guiding principles on dealing with and managing transaction with related parties. The Board guarantees that all transactions with related parties are reviewed and are sound. The Audit Committee is responsible to review any related party transactions referred by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Risk management function provides an independent oversight of all transactions referred to it by the Company’s business groups including those with related parties. 
Conflict of interests
The Board has a developed a Conflict of Interests policy to ensure the board of directors are dealing with cases of conflicts of interests (actual and potential) by taking all decisions in the interests of the Company.
Whistle blowing
The board of directors has developed and implemented a Whistle Blowing Policy that insures that all stakeholders are free to disclose any kind of illegal practices that may affect negatively on their working relationship with the Company or that may have serious consequences harming the stakeholders or the Company as a whole.