Income Generating Assets

Since inception, Injazzat set a goal to expand locally and regionally through the acquisition or the development of stabilized income producing properties. In carrying out this strategy, it led to the acquisition of several high class buildings comprised of fully furnished luxury residential apartments in several distinctive areas in Bahrain, as well as a government leased building located in Kuwait. The company is currently bent on conducting the required studies and obtaining licenses for developing other residential and office building in various areas of GCC countries.
The Company believes that assertive professional property management is crucial to achieving the best possible returns for owners and investors in this type of real estate. As such, the Company's goal is to enhance the value of each property through active day-to-day management, focusing on maintaining high levels of occupancy and tenant satisfaction, while at the same time keep property costs at a minimum without compromising standards. As a result of the Company's commitment and approach to managing the properties by turning them into income producing assets, they have maintained nearly full occupancy and achieved operational and financial success.