Indirect Investments

Injazzat offers various alternatives to indirect real estate investing, one of which is funds. They are an excellent choice for investors seeking to enhance portfolio diversification, mitigate risk, and have access to professional management of their assets in order to ensure higher returns on investment. Our funds also appeal to investors who want the opportunity for long-term capital appreciation and the option to receive income paid on a periodic basis or investors who seek to comply withShari'ah guidelines.

As we are active investors in all the funds we offer, the Company aligns itself with experienced and successful local and international real estate partners bringing knowledge

and value to each fund. To ensure success of each fund, the Company, together with its partners, undergoes the following steps related to planning and management of the investment.

Pre-Launch Market Analysis and Financial Studies - Assess market opportunities, consider the risks and constraints, and formulate investment strategies
Structuring - Review of tax efficiencies and structures, regulatory issues, exit strategies and financing issues

Fund Offering - Marketing and investor coordination

Fund Management - Review investment opportunities, performance analysis, investor reporting, coordination with asset managers and other 3rd parties